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Sonian delivers securely archived, searchable and accessible email archiving technology

Sonian delivers true email archiving technology to businesses for a fraction of the cost without the need to purchase hardware, install software or manage ongoing maintenance. Every email that any person in your business sends and receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible forever. Individual users may also access their own archive so they can be comfortable in deleting emails and keeping mailboxes at a manageable size.

Sonian GlobalRAID Infrastructure

  • Scalable- created for grid utility elastic computing cloud
  • Immediate replication to 8 data centers
  • Superior data privacy with no co-mingling of customer data
  • Platform-agnostic Solution

    Archive Many Email Clients

    Sonian’s platform is client-agnostic meaning that we archive from MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, iNotes, GroupWise, Gmail, Zimbra, Kerio, Rackspace and many other email clients.

  • Data Security

    Available at All Times

    We rely on Amazon state-of-the-art worldwide data centers offering 11 “9s” of resiliency to make sure that your data is available at all times from any location with a 99.99% SLA.

  • End User Access

    Quickly and Accurately Retrieve Email

    Allow employees to access their personal My Archive, offering an Outlook-like look and feel, to quickly and accurately retrieve any email, attachment or file belonging to them.

  • Retention Policies

    No Data is Lost

    Enforce customisable retention policies to make sure that no data is lost and to prevent users from deleting any sent or received information.

  • Single Instance Repository

    Ensure Maximum Performance

    Perform co-mingled search across any content (email, attachments and files) to ensure maximum performance and data visibility to the end user.

  • Reporting

    Build Reports

    Build reports based on the archive activity by date, user, UI action, mailbox and more to review the activity in your archive.

  •  Search

    Advanced Search Capability

    Use our advanced search capability to retrieve any communications using filters, wildcards, advanced boolean, fuzzy logic and/or proximity logic operators. 


  • Compliance Discovery

    Streamline eDiscovery

    Make sure that you streamline any eDiscovery and regulation compliance request thanks to our FRCP, FINRA, SEC, GLBA, HIPAA, HITEC, SOX solutions.                                                                                        

  • Import/export

    Intuitive Import Wizard

    Import legacy data to Sonian Email Archiving service thanks to our intuitive import wizard. Export selected archived data to .pst, .nsf, .eml, .html, .pdf or other formats.

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