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For any business reliant on Information Technology to be productive, a sound, reliable network is the first priority…

We are not only able to offer installation and commissioning services, but a range of auditing and troubleshooting services to bring your network up to scratch.

New Installations

Each network we install is fully designed to take into account current needs and future growth. Cabling is professionally installed and can be arranged to cause minimal disruption to the daily routine of the office. Networking hardware is sourced from major, top-line manufacturers: all proven to give first class warranty and service.

In addition we can source and configure the required Servers, Workstations and Printers to provide the complete installation service. Each installed network comes fully documented and with a free support period.

Network Audits

We offer a range of diagnostic services to:

  • Resolve poor connectivity
  • Pinpoint performance bottlenecks
  • Isolate troublesome network components
  • Suggest upgrades and means to expand small networks


It is a sad fact that for many small to medium sized enterprises, their networks are “endured” rather than used. Poor performance and configuration mean lost productivity and user frustration.

We are able to examine your current network performance, isolate problems and implement the steps required to resolve them.