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Content Management

We are able to offer a range of hosting solutions that can include either Joomla or WordPress installations.

Joomla and WordPress are the two most used Web Content Management Systems.

The look, feel and overall layout of the site is determined by a predefined template. The content is categorised and organised into logical sections. the result is a professional looking, logical website, that  puts control of the content back with the site owner and any contributors they nominate. The basis of these systems is open source meaning that site owners need not spend a fortune on proprietary software to get started.

There is also a rich functionality incorporated in the software allowing user logins, news feeds and all the other interactive tools site owners and their audience have come to expect. Additionally, a wide community of developers provide additional modules to enable multimedia, image galleries and even online stores. All within the same system.

We can help not only with the hosting of the site, but with:

  • System Installation
  • Overall Structure Design
  • Setting up Users
  • Training

We also offer Site Template Design and Installation for both Joomla and WordPress.

Try it out for yourself – select one of the templates from the list on the left to see how templates can alter the look and feel of this page. This is just a small sample to illustrate the possibilities. Your own colour scheme can be designed in a completely bespoke layout incorporating your own logo or images.

Feel free to Contact Us to discuss any aspect of Content Management or Template Design