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Site Visits

Monthly Site Visits

Monthly site visits help ensure the smooth running of the network and deal with network users problems. They also enable regular access to technical advice on any IT related matter, ensuring a smooth development of the network and its facilities.

Issues to be addressed.

The following issues represent the common areas of administration to be performed on the network at each visit. It is not prescriptive, but examines the areas that form the basis of any good housekeeping scheme.

Any requirements specific to a particular site, such as regular cleaning in dirty environments would be added to the checklist.

Any client issues arising in the prior month since last site visit.
Discuss future plans to develop the network.

Examine Servers to ensure:

  • The Server is in good physical condition.
  • Adequate disk space for data storage is available, and Server memory is adequate for demand.
  • Overall physical configuration is adequate to the server role.
  • Server peripherals are connected correctly and functioning.
  • Examine server log files for potentially serious errors, and ensure Licensing levels are adequate for current usage.

We will also perform relevant housekeeping tasks relating to new users, or changing of current user roles within the system, and additionally:

  • Perform any changes required to the security of the data areas within the file server.
  • Check anti-virus system (Workstations and Server) for currency and correct operation.
  • Check backup system for correct operation and check backup logs.
  • Perform test restore from tape.
  • Ensure adequate tapes are available and check capacity against demand.
  • Perform any configuration changes required to the Mail Server, setup and configuration of public folders, mail rules, forwarding etc.
  • Check security and correct operation of network infrastructure items, e.g. Routers, Hubs, Switches, Wiring, and Cabinets.
    Check availability and functioning of printers.
    Check workstation functionality.
    Maintain Network Documentation.
    Report and advise on any problems or potential problems that are found.